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CMB Visions Unlimited, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization founded to provide "Quality" youth and family services- services that promote the "holistic" (physical, mental, emotional, educational, & spiritual) growth, and self-actualization of the children and families served.  The majority of our programs are youth based , however we know that in order for services to be effective we must serve children, their families, and the community as a whole for meaningful, life-lasting, and  life-changing growth to take place; therefore CMB Visions Unlimited utilizes and promotes a “holistic” (meaning the whole) approach to our programmatic  design and development- serving the whole child, the whole family, and whole community. 


Physical - food, clothing and household goods assistance and services referral;

Mental, Emotional and spiritual- mentoring, referrals to individual and family counseling and faith-based services;

Educational- school supplies, tutoring, mentoring and skills training, including employment and life skills.


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