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About Us

Established in 2001, CMB Visions Unlimited, Inc. originated from the essential need and aspiration to make a positive impact, provide support, and influence the local communities of Miami-Dade and Escambia counties. We provide after-school and summer programs for students, parenting services, and employment services for youth and adults.  Our overall goal is to provide quality programs and to create safe and affordable spaces for underserved families, emphasizing holistic development. 

What We Do!

We Cultivate


In our programs, our emphasis is on aiding individuals in discovering their voices and strengths. We extend commendation during moments of accomplishment.


We Strengthen

Our team promotes character-building, integrity, and self-esteem through a variety of activities, interactions, and environments.

We Enhance


With a holistic view of personal growth, we offer services such as food, clothing, employment, and housing assistance that are designed to improve your overall quality of life.

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We Educate


We offer help towards securing educational goals, from primary school to adult education.

We Teach Accountability


Our programs teach about civic engagement, community development, and personal safety.


We Focus on the Whole


We believe in a holistic approach to development; the growth of the individual, the family, and the community as a whole.


We care about child hunger and provide after school and summer meals to kids.


We make sure that our youth receive the attention they need in education

Test Prep

We help our youth pass ACT's, SAT's and many other tests to help them with their future.


We make sure parents that are struggling with transportation have it for their children.

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