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Launched in 2001, CMB Visions Unlimited,  Inc. was created out of the necessity and desire to positively impact, support and influence the surrounding communities of Miami-Dade and Escambia counties.  Our major priorities soon became providing safe and affordable places and programs throughout the State of Florida, whereby working parents and single parent families could have access to high quality after-school care and family services. 

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CMB VISIONS UNLIMITED is a family supporting families in achieving their goals. Only together can we build a world where everyone feels safe, strong & valued.


— Our Mission

The mission of CMB Visions Unlimited, Inc. is to provide quality resources, programs and services to disadvantaged youth and families.


— Our Vision

CMB Visions Unlimited, Inc. was founded to provide quality services to individuals and families, and to bring to fruition the vision of youth and families to successfully lead happy, healthy, and holistic lives.

— Our Tagline

Cultivating Minds of Brilliance.

— Our Motto

“Bringing holistic visions into view: the whole child, the whole family, the whole community.”

— Our Logo

  • The Rainbow: Hope & Prosperity.

  • The Rainbow Colors: Equality & Multi-Cultural Diversity.

  • The People: The Family.

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