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The Bahamas

CMB Visions International

Despite its beauty, The Bahamas grapples with complex issues, especially concerning youth and families. The Bahamas relies heavily on tourism and international financial services for its economy and despite having a high gross national product (GNP) per capita, it grapples with persistent unemployment rates, especially among the youth. Poverty affects around 12.8% of the population, and inequality remains a concern. Challenges include labor force participation, high youth unemployment, and vulnerability to natural disasters. 











South Florida is a beautiful melting pot of cultures, races, and ethnicities.  With the Bahamas being in such close proximity to our state, we launched our international appeal with the endeavor of assisting the extended families and communities of our Bahamian staff, participants, clients, and constituents. CMB Visions provides community outreach in Nassau, Bahamas where we have adopted an elementary school and a Medical Treatment Center, and assist disadvantaged families with items such as food, clothing, school supplies, and household goods. Our goal is to bring additional services to Nassau and other areas of The Bahamas.

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